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Bar Code Graphics offers the highest quality blank barcode and laser labels– the same we use to produce barcode labels in-house. Each product has been qualified for barcode printing in our own label printing operations and is designed to enhance barcode print quality and durability.

In addition to our in-house printing facility, Bar Code Graphics also contains Identification Labs, the largest barcode testing and certification organization in North America.    Our rich portfolio of related industries and technologies allows us to evaluate labels and their component materials with unique, multi-faceted perspective.  Through our decades of experience and tens of thousands of labels printed, tested and certified, we know better than anyone what will and won’t work for your application.

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  • Sheet Laser Labels
  • Our Laser Labels feature a premium face stock to enhance barcode print quality and durability and a permanent rubber based adhesive which is applied to labels with a ‘dry zone’ to reduce glue seepage into a sheet fed laser printer.

  • Thermal Transfer Labels

    Our thermal transfer labels work seamlessly with our ribbons to produce high quality smudge resistant imaging.

  • Direct Thermal Labels

    Direct thermal labels are heat sensitive labels which do not require a ribbon.  Labels are available in either 1″ or 3″ core sizes depending on specific printer model.

  • Thermal Transfer Ribbons
  • Our ribbons are designed to operate at low print energy, which prolongs printhead life, and produces high quality, sharp, crisp barcodes and variable images.

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