Identification Labs is the symbol testing and certification division of Bar Code Graphics.  The Identification Labs team consists of professionals with a diverse background in supply chain fields and are GS1 Certified Professionals and Certified Consultants.

Identification Labs integrates and applies relevant barcode standards and industry best practices within our clients and partners’ supply chains. Identification Labs is the largest North American barcode testing center for barcode symbols, and our web-based testing programs is utilized by several of the largest U.S. retailers and manufacturers.

Standards-Based Approach

Global identification and barcode print quality standards are fundamental to legitimate barcode certification services. We rely on GS1, AIAG, and BISG standards as a basis for all of our programs. By utilizing a standards-based approach towards certification, we provide analysis which is consistent, traceable, and accurate.

Who We Work With

We work with all members of a supply chain to optimize barcode performance. Once a retailer or organizations needs are assessed, we identify the program components that will improve their receiving, stocking, and point of sale performance.  Working directly with supplier communities, or in a support role to the client company, we ensure requirements are understood and implemented properly.  For ongoing compliance, we work with our clients’ supply chain associates to properly identify issues, and then work with suppliers to ensure timely corrections are made and quality control practices are adopted.

For suppliers – Identification Labs confirms you are complying with your trading partner’s requirements and assists in resolving any and all compliance issues.

For retailers and other companies – Identification Labs functions as a qualified resource for your suppliers and provides a variety of professional services and consulting.

In general, we work with any company that needs to introduce, improve, or monitor barcode compliance and print quality.

Professional Services

We offer a variety of services built on our extensive experience and qualifications.

Vendor Guide/Specification Development

The cornerstone of any barcode program is a clear and easy to understand set of requirements.  Identification Labs will create vendor requirements, update existing ones, or simply review and provide recommendations to align existing requirements to the relevant standards.

Certification Programs

A Certification Program ensures that suppliers are capable of producing the labeling and barcoding that your company relies on.  Programs can involve certification of an entire supplier base, or focus on remedying problems as they arise.  Identification Labs has years of experience designing, implementing, and administering certification programs.  Let us assist with everything from supplier outreach to dock audits.

Supply Chain Monitoring 

Barcode scanning issues that go unreported, or are simply defined as “non scans” aren’t going to go away and are always going to be a drag on the bottom line.  Our monitoring programs provide actionable information on barcode rejects.  We have experience both acting as a component in an existing monitoring or compliance program as well as implementing stand alone programs.  Our focus is always on getting the best data with the least disruption.

Process Audit

From the time your barcoding software is opened, to the time a pallet leaves your four walls, there are countless opportunities for things to go wrong.  Whether your focus is on maximizing scan rates or minimizing offsets, Identification Labs can review your barcode and labeling practices end to end and advise on solutions, changes, and “best practices”.  Your company will benefit from our years of experience in the compliance and standards fields.

EDI 856 ASN Testing

Due to the strong relationship between GS1-128 shipping labels and an Advanced Ship Notice (ASN) 856, Identification Labs offers file format and data validation services. This certification may or may not include GS1-128 barcode testing.

Data Validation / Data Migration

In addition to the above Professional Services, Identification Labs embraces new challenges and would welcome an opportunity to discuss your needs to determine how we can assist.  We are a flexible and innovative company to work with, contact us to discuss your project.

FDA UDI Testing

Summary of UDI

To ensure accurate identification and traceability of medical devices, the FDA has implemented Unique Device Identification (UDI) requirements.  Compliance dates are based on device classes:

Compliance Date Requirement
September 24, 2014 The labels and packages of class III medical devices and devices licensed under the Public Health Service Act (PHS Act) must bear a UDI.
September 24, 2015 The labels and packages of implantable, life-supporting, and life-sustaining devices must bear a UDI.
September 24, 2016 The labels and packages of class II medical devices must bear a UDI.
September 24, 2018 The labels and packages of class I medical devices and devices that have not been classified into class I, class II, or class III must bear a UDI.

The GS1 Organization is one of the  FDA authorized issuing agencies for UDI and has developed standards that support the FDA’s requirements.  The standards cover the formatting, dimensions, and print quality for barcode symbols carrying UDI data, as well as the numbering system used to uniquely identify devices and the data formatting for relevant data fields.

As a GS1 Solution Provider with a number of GS1 Certified Professionals and GS1 Certified Consultants on staff, Identification Labs can assist companies with barcode and packaging certification, data validation, and data migration.

UDI Label Certification

All relevant UDI data fields must be encoded in a barcode on the device packaging or in some cases directly on the device. Identification Labs can assist companies that need to certify that their UDI barcodes and marking meet UDI requirements.  Our labs employs a variety of barcode verification devices, all GS1 certified, to evaluate barcode symbols.

Testing results provide a detailed analysis of any issues and provide easy to understand resolutions.  All results are backed by our qualified staff that can provide one-on-one support by phone, email, and web-conferencing.

Data assistance

A key component of the FDA’s UDI requirements is the development of Global UDI Database (GUDID).  The GUDID serves as a catalog for key device information.  Companies are required to enter this information into the GUDID as part of UDI compliance.

Identification Labs has extensive experience with this type of data migration and offers data assistance services for the validation and uploading of GUDID data.

Identification Labs Certification

Identification Lab (IDL) Certification ensures that a supplier ship point is prepared to comply with a specific barcode requirement.  Our certification process requires an analysis of a printed sample to verify the:

  • Barcode is formatted correctly
  • Barcode is generated within the permissible size range
  • Acceptable media is being utilized
  • Minimum ISO/ANSI Barcode Print Grade
  • Alignment with relevant barcode standards

Additionally, we are uniquely qualified to assist companies with determining which:

  • Type of printer is needed
  • Type of label stock and ribbons are suited for specific requirement
  • Software options would function best in their environment

Price Schedule

UPC/GTIN = $50/sample Download Form
GS1-128 Shipping Labels = $75/sample Download Form
AIAG Shipping or Product Identification Label Download Form
FDA UDI Symbols More Information


Current Programs

Identification Labs has been selected by some of the top US companies to administer their barcode certification and compliance programs.  Even though each of these companies have differences in their supply chain requirements and data needs, their barcode and labeling requirements are based on global standards.   So while things like barcode sizing and text requirements may vary, the underling standards are common to their respective industries, and ensure their suppliers are working from familiar and often interoperable fundamentals.


Certification of ECIA-based 2D and Linear barcode labels at the Product, Logistic, and Packing List levels. For more information click here.


Certification for GTIN-14 and UPC formats utilized in the Home Depot supply chain.  For more information click here.

Certification and compliance for JCPenney GS1-128 Shipping Labels.  For more information click here.

Certification and compliance for Kohls GS1-128 Shipping Labels.  For more information click here.

Certification and compliance for Stein Mart GS1-128 Shipping Labels. For more information click here.

stage-logo (1)

Certification for Stage GS1-128 Shipping Labels.  For more information click here.

Certification for True Value GS1-128 Shipping Labels.  For more information click here.

Other certification

Identification Labs is equipped to test any GS1-128 Shipping Label, GTIN-14, UPC, or any other standards-based shipping and identification labeling.  Suppliers commonly utilize our services when a change is introduced into their label production model or they are receiving offset expenses and can not ascertain the cause of infraction or validity.  Visit the Certification tab for more details.

  • UPC (GTIN-12)

  • ISBN/Books

  • Medical/UDI

  • Supply Chain

  • Assets/Inventory

  • Coupon

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There are a variety of different types of barcodes. However, the UPC (Universal Product Number) symbol is the most recognized barcode in the United States, since it appears on almost every retail product. The UPC symbol is the barcode representation of the GTIN-12 which consists of twelve numeric characters that uniquely identify a company’s individual product. The GTIN-12 number is part of the family of GS1 global data structures that employ 14 digits and can be encoded into various types of data carriers.

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A requirement for selling a book through booksellers, wholesalers, and distributors is the assignment of unique ISBN numbers for each title and for each book to be marked with a Bookland EAN barcode.

The Bookland symbol allows for encodation of ISBNs (the numbers publishers use to identify their products). Since an ISBN is unique to one particular title (or product), the corresponding Bookland EAN symbol is a title-specific marking which is unique for that title. For example, if a title is available in hard cover, soft cover and as an e-book, three unique ISBN Bookland EAN bar codes are required.

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The FDA UDI Mandate is part of a comprehensive healthcare traceability initiative to improve patient safety.  The Unique Device Identifier (UDI) requirement is rooted in holding each member of the supply chain responsible for ensuring each medical device is marked with a UDI barcode with data maintained on the FDA’s GUDID universal database.

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Supply Chain

Logistic barcodes such as the GS1-128 Shipping Label are used to track movement of a shipment within a supply chain.  Since suppliers are making shipments to a variety of trading partners it is essential to integrate the relevant standards and current technology.  The use of EDI and 2D barcodes which can encode much more data has transformed many supply chains.

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The first step in designing an asset tracking system is to determine whether you are working with assets or inventory.  Assets are any items a company uses internally such as tools, equipment, furniture etc.  Inventory are items which are sold, distributed or used by a company.  The distinction between Assets and Inventory is essential in regards to how the items will be marked, scanned and stored.

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The successful integration of GS1 DataBar Coupons has dramatically improved many promotions.  The interhent features including; value codes and automatic expiration date checking for retailers, has enabled more efficient redemption, much better security and better metrics to measure the performance of a campaign.

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