GTIN Hijacking & Listing Problems on Amazon

Having Issues Listing Your Product on Amazon? Read On! Why GTIN and Listing Problems Are Common on Amazon The short answer is Amazon is to blame for many of the supplier product listing issues occurring today. In its early years, Amazon was hyper-focused on growth and redefining supply chain logistics. Rather than basing its systems […]

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UPC Barcodes Are Set to Be Replaced Starting 2027

GS1 Digital Link – GTINs With Digital Consumer Engagement June 26th of next year (2024) will mark the 50th anniversary of the first UPC scanned in a grocery store. Since then, UPC identification and barcodes have revolutionized retail and supply chain efficiencies for numerous industries. Whereas the UPC currently acts as a figurative license plate […]

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New For 2023: Walmart SSCC-18 Pallet Label

“Walmart’s Supply Chain Standards” have been updated, and now require all vendors to apply a Serialized Shipping Container Code (SSCC-18) to each pallet. Vendors need to assign a unique SSCC-18 for each pallet, and incorporate it, into a GS1-128 Shipping Label. Click here to learn how GS1-128 labels are utilized. The Walmart SSCC-18 Pallet Label […]

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QR Code Labels Available at

A Proven Mechanism for Consumer Engagement Despite how much we instruct our children to stay off their phones, consumers of all ages today rely on their phones for immediate access to websites and information. Business establishments and manufacturers are quickly turning to QR Codes as an easy-to-implement solution to connect with their customers. Our label […]

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Amazon FNSKU Labels For FBA Shipments

Amazon has varying channels that enable manufacturers to sell directly to consumers. The Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) option utilizes numerous Amazon distribution centers around the globe and is strategically used by many companies. Although Amazon does have stated GTIN policies, they also have proprietary identifiers, such as ASIN, and non-standardized processes. The FBA program requires […]

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Overview of GTIN Packaging Levels

Although we are the go to source for UPC implementation, many of our GS1 Service/Support clients rely on our consultants for correct identification for various GTIN  packaging levels.  Retailers and online marketplaces rely on barcodes and pack level identification for efficient supply chain processing. The GS1 General Specifications and GTIN Management Rules are extremely detailed […]

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The Key to Our Success – Support from Real People!

At Bar Code Graphics, we strive for 100% customer satisfaction. Years ago most of our barcode origination and GS1 Support clients came to us solely over the phone and our customer support staff was able to forge wonderful relationships with our clients. As the authority on barcodes, we interact with companies from numerous industries and […]

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The Reason WHY Amazon Requires Brand Verifiable UPC Barcodes

Amazon Requires Brand Verifiable UPC Barcodes The pillar to Amazon’s success is always keeping the focus on the customer experience. Consequently, Amazon wants to make sure their visitors can trust the information provided online, and an initial step is making sure the products listed are attributed to a verifiable brand. Before 2016, Amazon did not […]

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We are pleased to announce an improved the checkout process on, the premier website to order printed barcode labels.  In addition to a more streamlined user experience, we’ve added Fed Ex Ground as a shipping option as well as providing shipping rates quoted directly from; UPS and Fed-EX. is the easiest, quickest way to order […]

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How® Enables “Verified By GS1” Visibility Verified By GS1 is a cross-industry global initiative aimed at providing accurate and trusted product data. This platform is being launched by the global standards office and has the support of many of the largest multinational corporations, such as; Companies and their trading partners will only realize benefits when complete UPC product data is […]

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Barcode Compliance Extends Beyond Poor Print Quality

Our barcode compliance division is seeing a growing percentage of problematic shipments involving shipping label placement issues, rather than barcode format or print quality infractions. Placement-related infractions can range from placing labels on an incorrect carton panel, wrapping barcodes around corners, placing labels over a flap seam, and even placing labels in areas in which […]

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Increased Barcode Compliance Charges in 2023

For over twenty-five years, we have been administering barcode certification and compliance programs for major US retailers. The retail industry has dramatically changed over the years and the focus on supply chain efficiency has never been greater. Some suppliers view barcode compliance charges as a “profit center” for retailers but as an unbiased testing center, […]

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Helping Retail Suppliers Grow Their Business provides essential resources and information to US retail suppliers. Established in 2004, the Trading Partner Information Exchange ( was the first change management solution for retail supplier compliance. (see below for history). Today, has emerged as a collection of resources assisting retail suppliers to grow their businesses […]

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New Type of QR Code To Replace UPC Barcodes

The basic and familiar UPC barcode, which has been a fixture on consumer packaging for nearly 50 years, is scheduled to eventually be retired. It’s successor is a more robust and versatile QR Code that not only can be read by point-of-sale scanners but also meet the demands of the 21st century. The new single […]

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Top 10 Myths & Misconceptions About Barcodes

Today, if a company wants to sell in stores and/or online, they are most likely going to need barcodes on their products.  Since there is so much conflicting and inaccurate about barcodes online, we have come up with some of the most frequently heard myths, so that you can tell fiction from fact!  1. UPC […]

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GS1 Connect 2023: Denver, CO June 5-7

Rise to the Challenges of the Digital Supply Chain GS1 is the global identification standards organization and has local offices around the globe. Every year, GS1 Global offers a very comprehensive conference, GS1 Connect, for their local offices and members. For companies who wish to learn about the details of the identification standards, there are […]

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GS1 General Specifications Updated (Version 23)

GS1 global standards define how items are identified and marked. Although GS1 confusingly markets itself as the source to apply for a barcode, it is really their standards that provide the framework for the identification for many industries. The master document is referred to as the GS1 General Specifications Version 23. Companies rely on their […]

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