Overview of GTIN Packaging Levels

Although we are the go to source for UPC implementation, many of our GS1 Service/Support clients rely on our consultants for correct identification for various GTIN  packaging levels.  Retailers and online marketplaces rely on barcodes and pack level identification for efficient supply chain processing. The GS1 General Specifications and GTIN Management Rules are extremely detailed so it is important that suppliers understand exactly what is required of them.

Please review the following packaging level examples and understand that there are established GTIN identification guidelines for each.

Packaging Level Description
EachGTIN each The lowest level of the item hierarchy intended or labeled for individual sale at check out or online. This item would be assigned a GTIN-12 (U.P.C.).
Inner PackGTIN inner pack Intermediate package of multiples of the same trade item or a predefined assortment of items (representing a single GTIN).
Casegtin case A standard shipping unit that contains “eaches” of the same GTIN (packaged either individually or grouped as an inner pack).
Mixed Casegtin mixed case A mixed case contains more than one type of “each,” and must contain more than one GTIN. The case can contain eaches or inner packs.
Palletgtin pallet A shipping unit that contains either cases, inner packs, or eaches. It must contain one GTIN regardless of the number of items in the grouping.
Mixed Palletgtin mixed pallet A shipping unit that can contain any combination of cases, inner packs, and/or eaches and must contain more than one GTIN.
Display Shippergtin display shipper A shipping unit that is a self-contained display. It can contain a single type of “each” or multiple types of eaches.
Case as Eachgtin case as each Case as Each is designed for goods that are shipped as a case, but the contents of the case are NEVER offered for sale on their own. The contents inside are neither assigned GTINs, nor are they sold at checkout or online.

GS1 Support programs are utilized by companies who do not have a GS1 trained employee on staff or a dedicated team to address the item and carton identification requirements for their trading partners. In addition to personal ongoing assistance with GTIN (all level) assignments and product data uploads, the bundled service includes a product credit which can be used for high-resolution .eps barcode files, printed barcode labels or ISO/ANSI barcode testing.

The GS1 Support Service fee is based on the total number items available with your Company Prefix. To learn more, please visit www.barcode.graphics/gs1-upc-barcode-support/.

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