GS1 Barcode Support

GS1 Annual Support – Barcode & Product Data

GS1 identification standards are expansive, complex, and constantly changing. The GS1 Support program is the yearly subscription which provides ongoing support for UPC/GTIN barcodes and product information and is for companies with an existing GS1 Prefix.

  • Insure Your UPC Barcodes Are Compliant
  • 1 Year of Comprehensive Personal Support
  • UPC item and GTIN-14 carton identification assignment (GTIN spreadsheet)
  • Credit For: Digital Barcode Files | Printed Barcode Labels | Barcode Testing

GS1 Support programs are utilized by companies who do not have a GS1 trained employee on staff or a dedicated team to address the item and carton identification requirements for their trading partners. In addition to ongoing support by a dedicated consultant, a credit is provided for digital barcodes, printed labels, or barcode testing.

Select the total number of items available with your GS1 Prefix

Number of Items Length of Existing UPC Prefix GS1 Support Fee
1 -10 10-digit $150 SELECT
1 – 100 9-digit $250 SELECT
1 – 1,000 8-digit $1,000 SELECT
1 – 10,000 7-digit $2,000 SELECT
1 – 100,000 6-digit $2,500 SELECT
For assistance call (800)662-0701 x250. If you do not already have a GS1 Prefix, click here.

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