Bar Width Reduction Chart

The bar width reduction chart below illustrates the common bar width adjustment used when printing UPC/EAN symbols from a file.  A Barcode Graphic File is a digital image, which is normally an encapsulated postscript file (.eps) of a bar code image, for use within a graphic design.  In order to ensure a printed symbol can be read in the marketplace and supply chain, a high-resolution barcode image is needed.  To compensate for bar growth/reduction which will occur during the print process, digital barcode graphics files (original artwork) must include a bar width adjustment factor.

Bar growth varies between different types of printing processes.  It is very important that printers ascertain the appropriate bar width adjustment for their print production processes and communicate this factor to their clients.

bar width reduction chart

*     As indicated by the above chart, print tolerance significantly declines with smaller magnifications.  Reductions less than 80% are against GS1 General Specifications guidelines and may be problematic

**   When printing flexographic, 120% or larger is the recommended size

***  Corrugated stock requires a barcode 150% or larger along with entire bearer bars to attain acceptable printing qualities

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