Definition of GTIN

GTIN stands for Global Trade Item Number and refers to all levels of packing that could be purchased and maintained in an inventory system.  A GTIN is the number that is used to identify something that can be purchased, sold or put into inventory.  This includes individual items which can be purchased by a consumer, as well as cases of items which could be purchased by a retailer and moved within their supply chain.  In short, a GTIN is an umbrella term used to refer to items and cases which may need to be identified with a GTIN barcode.

The following 8 minute GS1 Video explains how different barcode terms, including the GTIN are used within the GS1 numbering system.

GTIN Management Standard

GTIN (Global Trade Item Number) provides the global supply chain solution for the identification of any item that is traded (priced, ordered, invoiced). The GTIN Management Standard replaces the previous GTIN Allocation Rules. Since the GS1 global identification standards span many industries, this document addresses the needs of all types of organizations.

To view GTIN Management Rules, please click on the following:


GTIN Management Rules

Sector-specific Rules

To view the GTIN Management Standard from GS1, click here.

To learn about GS1 and additional barcode/numbering requirements, click here.

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