Databar Coupon Encoder

The following Databar Coupon Decoder and Encoder tools are provided by Bar Code Graphics, the US barcode authority. Our digital .eps barcode files and barcode testing services are utilized by the major manufacturers, retailers, ad agencies and coupon processors.

The GS1 Databar Coupon can encode a wide variety of possible promotions. This utility will provide the compiled Databar coupon data string from the entered field data. Simply enter the data in the respective fields. Please note: the small box to the left of some of the fields will auto-populate after data has been entered.

Databar Coupons beginning with either Application Identifiers (AI) 8110 or 8112 can be encoded. For a description or more information on any of the fields in the encoder, please visit our Coupon Barcodes page.

Users are required to purchase a yearly subscription to gain full access to both the Databar Coupon Encoder and Decoder tools.
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Required Fields

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Interim UPC Data (Optional)

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