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Our testing division, Identification Labs, is the largest North American laboratory for barcodes. We are the designated certification agency for numerous retailers, manufacturers, distributors, and entire industries.

Barcode testing/certification services verify;

  • Barcode is formatted correctly
  • Symbol is generated within the permissible size/dimensions range
  • Acceptable media is being utilized
  • ISO/ANSI Barcode Print Grade *printed sample required  View Report
  • Alignment with relevant barcode standards


  • Kohl's
  • Designated Barcode Testing Lab:

    GS1-128 Shipping Labels

  • ECIA
  • Designated Barcode Testing Lab:

    Carton Identification


  • GS1-128
  • FDA UDI Linear Barcodes

    GS1-128 Shipping Labels

    Concatenated GS1-128 barcodes

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