Customer Case Study

Levi Strauss & Co. has been innovating since the birth of the first pair of jeans in 1873. Throughout their long history, they have inspired change in the marketplace, the workplace and the world.  As one of the world’s largest blue jean manufacturer, Levi ships product into every major retailer.


In the early 2000’s, most retailers across the United States mandated the use of GS1-128 Shipping Labels to mark shipments.  To meet their retail client’s needs, Levi Strauss initially generated GS1-128 Shipping Labels at more than 150 pick stations within their RSC facilities.  This print model created a compliance issue for Levi’s due to the number of printers which needed to be maintained in the field.  The use of so many different printers caused Levi’s to be assessed excessive non-compliance charges from their retail partners.

Bar Code Graphics, Inc was challenged with the task of reducing Levi’s GS1-128 Compliance Charges in a cost effective manner, utilizing an approach which would enable 100% compliance with all of their retail trading partners.


Working directly with Levi’s IT department, Bar Code Graphics recommended the converting the printing of GS1-128 Shipping Labels from on-demand direct thermal printers located at each pick station, to centralized Print and Apply Stations which would apply labels directly on cartons as they traveled on conveyers within Levi’s RSC facilities.

Our work on this project included;

  • Qualifying and selecting a hardware partner.
  • Selecting a label stock, and developing their internal label specification
  • Implementing a GS1-128 Bar Code Print Quality Procedure and schedule, for operators at Levi’s.  We provided Levi’s with GS1 Certified Verification Equipment and trained their personnel.


Levi Strauss dramatically reduced their GS1-128 Compliance Charges and eliminated the time being spent by their pick operators in printing GS1-128 Shipping Labels.  Although the installation of Print and Apply equipment required a significant up front capital investment by Levi’s, they projected ROI for this project occurred in less than 1 year.  The same solution is currently being used by Levi’s to comply with GS1-128 Shipping Label requirements.