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A Proven Mechanism for Consumer Engagement

Despite how much we instruct our children to stay off their phones, consumers of all ages today rely on their phones for immediate access to websites and information. Business establishments and manufacturers are quickly turning to QR Codes as an easy-to-implement solution to connect with their customers. Our label printing division, OrderBarcodes.com, has seen an enormous uptick in demand for QR Code labels. This blog will provide simple instructions enabling anyone to generate QR Code labels in minutes.

QR codes began to lose their luster and then COVID-19 changed everything

When QR Codes were first introduced in the US over a decade ago, their adaption was limited. A separate mobile application was required to read the symbols on phones. Today’s iPhone and Google mobile devices have integrated scanning into the camera’s functionality so anyone can now easily scan a QR Code.

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The COVID-19 pandemic resuscitated life back into QR Code applications in the US. In the spring of 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic forced businesses to re-evaluate how they interacted with others. QR Codes proved to be an ideal tool to facilitate contact-free interaction. As businesses, particularly restaurants, reopened, QR Codes became the new instant solution for consumer information exchange.

Instruction On How To Order QR Code Labels

Printed QR Code labels can be ordered at www.orderbarcodes.com. Unlike other categories of labels such as Amazon FNSKU and UPC Product labels, QR code label orders can be placed under the “Sequential Barcode Labels” category from our home page.

Select from any of the available sizes and material types listed under the Sequential Barcode Label format. Please keep in mind that the selected label size should be large enough for consumers to identify and scan.

After selecting a particular label, users should select “QR Code” from the Select Barcode Type section and enter the web address under the Starting Value field. After entering a quantity, a preview of the label will appear and the site will also display the price (does not include tax or shipping). When satisfied with the information entered, click Add to Order and you will begin the checkout process.

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We Are Here To Help!

If you need any assistance placing a QR code label order or any other type of label order, please do not hesitate to reach out to our label team. They can be contacted at 800-662-0701 or via email at orders@orderbarcodes.com. As with all of our label orders, clients are provided digital proofs before production. The digital proofs will need to be approved prior to the production of labels.

Digital QR Code Files from www.createbarcodes.com

Creating a QR code for your business or personal use is simple enough. First, you should figure out what you want your audience to do when using your QR code first. Have a goal and a path in mind before you decide that you need a QR code. To create free jpg QR code files, you can go to www.createbarcodes.com. QR codes can be created 24/7 and are delivered instantly.

As the US Barcode Authority, we provide assistance to thousands of clients every month. Since our background is rooted in barcode origination and print quality, our services are used by the largest retailers, marketplaces, and manufacturers. For assistance, please contact us at sales@barcode-us.com.

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