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How To Apply For An Amazon GTIN Exemption

As the authority on barcodes in the US, we assist thousands of companies every month on HOW to get UPC and ISBN barcodes for their products and books. Since Amazon is the largest global marketplace, most new companies have some intention of selling on their platform.  Amazon relies heavily on barcodes to efficiently track inventory […]

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The Reason WHY Amazon Requires Brand Verifiable UPC Barcodes

Amazon Requires Brand Verifiable UPC Barcodes The pillar to Amazon’s success is always keeping the focus on the customer experience. Consequently, Amazon wants to make sure their visitors can trust the information provided online, and an initial step is making sure the products listed are attributed to a verifiable brand. Before 2016, Amazon did not […]

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Amazon’s UPC Barcode Policy Explanation

It is imperative to Amazon, like other retailers, that their customers can trust the authenticity of their products and information online. Since UPC barcodes are the bridge between a physical product and the digital world, they must be accurate and adhere to global identification standards. Amazon recently refined their UPC (GTIN) requirements and clearly stated […]

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