Amazon Says Fix Your GTINs or Listings Will Be Removed

Amazon has now drawn the line that it considers GTINs invalid if they are not obtained directly from GS1 and correctly licensed to the brand owner. To create a new product listing on Amazon, merchants must provide a unique product identifier (GTIN) for most items. Accurate product identification and trusted data are essential in the Amazon marketplace. Although this mandate has been heavily enforced when Amazon vendors are adding new products, there are tens of thousands of sellers whose existing listings may now be at risk of removal.

Amazon directs merchants to obtain GTINs directly from GS1 and not from other third parties selling GTIN licenses to ensure that the appropriate information is reflected in the GS1 database.”

“Fix your product and provide the requested information immediately or your listings will be removed,” it stated.

The tens of thousands of vendors who are at risk either made a mistake entering their data OR purchased UPC barcodes from an online reseller claiming their UPC barcodes originate from GS1.

Note: There are hundreds of companies claiming their UPC barcodes will be acceptable on Amazon and some provide convoluted processes to attempt to circumvent Amazon’s GTIN process.

Unless an Amazon vendor can provide a current license certificate from GS1 for a GTIN or Company Prefix, they are using “invalid” GTINs on Amazon. Some of the resellers even create their own certificates but they are simply confusing potential buyers. The sample certificate above is from the GS1 US website, and is what Amazon expects to see when validating a GTIN.

gs1 barcode us

As the US Authority on UPC barcodes, our GS1 Barcode Service/Programs automatically include a subscription to, the global repository for managing GTINs and UPC product data. Companies can automatically upload their current GS1 licensed certificates so they can be associated with a GTIN for validation inquiries.

Companies who do not yet have GS1 licensed Company Prefixes or GTINs should visit .

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