Orderbarcodes.com Proof Review Process – NEW!

Bar Code Graphics, Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of an online Proof Review Process for orders placed on;  www.orderbarcodes.com . The updated Proof Review process enables clients to review and either APPROVE or REJECT a ‘Press Ready Proof’ online by logging into their online account.   Our production team creates Press Ready Proofs within […]

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QR Code Overview Tutorial

Square QR codes now seem to be popping up everywhere. You cannot go to a restaurant today and NOT see these images on placards, stickers, and even receipts. As popular as they are now, they have actually been around for quite some time. The COVID-19 pandemic has relaunched this phenomenon and QR codes are likely […]

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Overview of GTIN Packaging Levels

Although we are the go to source for UPC implementation, many of our GS1 Service/Support clients rely on our consultants for correct identification for various GTIN  packaging levels.  Retailers and online marketplaces rely on barcodes and pack level identification for efficient supply chain processing. The GS1 General Specifications and GTIN Management Rules are extremely detailed […]

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How To Apply For An Amazon GTIN Exemption

As the authority on barcodes in the US, we assist thousands of companies every month on HOW to get UPC and ISBN barcodes for their products and books. Since Amazon is the largest global marketplace, most new companies have some intention of selling on their platform.  Amazon relies heavily on barcodes to efficiently track inventory […]

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The Key to Our Success – Support from Real People!

At Bar Code Graphics, we strive for 100% customer satisfaction. Years ago most of our barcode origination and GS1 Support clients came to us solely over the phone and our customer support staff was able to forge wonderful relationships with our clients. As the authority on barcodes, we interact with companies from numerous industries and […]

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The Reason WHY Amazon Requires Brand Verifiable UPC Barcodes

Amazon Requires Brand Verifiable UPC Barcodes The pillar to Amazon’s success is always keeping the focus on the customer experience. Consequently, Amazon wants to make sure their visitors can trust the information provided online, and an initial step is making sure the products listed are attributed to a verifiable brand. Before 2016, Amazon did not […]

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Guidance for UPC barcodes for Comic Books

Comic Book Barcodes Since the 1980s, comic books sold in retail have included UPC barcodes. Unlike consumer product goods, a 2 or 5 digit supplemental barcode is included to the right of the 12-digit UPC barcode. The configuration has always been challenging, which is a result of the changing requirements within an evolving industry. Available […]

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Amazon’s UPC Barcode Policy Explanation

It is imperative to Amazon, like other retailers, that their customers can trust the authenticity of their products and information online. Since UPC barcodes are the bridge between a physical product and the digital world, they must be accurate and adhere to global identification standards. Amazon recently refined their UPC (GTIN) requirements and clearly stated […]

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GS1 General Specifications Revision (v21) Jan 2021

GS1 standards define how items are identified and marked. Although GS1 confusingly markets itself as the source to apply for a barcode, it is really their standards that provide the framework for the identification for many industries. Companies rely on their licensing of numbering structures for unique identification and their technical guidelines for barcode and […]

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