GS1 General Specifications Revision (v21) Jan 2021

GS1 standards define how items are identified and marked. Although GS1 confusingly markets itself as the source to apply for a barcode, it is really their standards that provide the framework for the identification for many industries. Companies rely on their licensing of numbering structures for unique identification and their technical guidelines for barcode and […]

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Global GS1 Company Database and UPC Registries

If you do a Google search for the Official UPC database, you will come across numerous official-sounding websites. Unfortunately, none of the information on these unregulated websites should be trusted since the product data is not provided by brand owners. (Click Here To Learn More). There is not a single global database that contains a […]

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Labs Around the Country Relying on COVID-19 Labels

In 2019, we made significant changes to our website to enable serial barcode labels to be easily ordered. For over two decades, we have been a major provider of serialized barcode labels to many industries. As a result of massive COVID-19 testing and vaccination initiatives, our labeling department has been working non-stop to provide […]

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GS1 Lowers Minimum Quantity for UPC GTINs

For the past 45 years, GS1 US (formerly the Uniform Code Council) has been the standards organization that administers UPCs allocations. Up until now, GS1 made licensing a Company Prefix mandatory for companies who wanted to identify their products with UPC. Their cost structure was extremely harsh for small companies that might not need more […]

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Bar Code Graphics launches COVID-19 Visitor Management Solution

Bar Code Graphics is proud to announce we have launched a privacy centric-secure online solution,, to easily, enable contact tracing data to seamlessly and privately be maintained.  Prvent utilizes a QR code for contact-free visitor sign-in, and risk assessment. Our Covid-19 Visitor Management solution which helps ensure the safety of residents, visitors, tenants, and employees. Prvent will work for any type of business or organization which needs […]

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Amazon’s Valid UPC Barcode Policy

In May 2016, Amazon refined their UPC (GTIN) requirements and clearly stated that both new and existing vendors MUST use GS1 UPC barcodes. Click here to view policy update. A GS1 UPC barcode has a UPC (GS1) Company Prefix licensed to the brand owner. Despite this update, many vendors were confused by conficting information published, […]

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Barcodes for CBD (Cannabidiol) Products

Barcodes for CBD Products Unlike THC products sold at designated medical and recreational dispensaries, CBD products are now available in a wide range of retailers across the globe. Aside from global item identification, CBD products are required by certain states to have additional QR barcodes. The information below will provide guidance on exactly what CBD […]

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