2D Barcodes on Products Offer Significant Benefits

2D Barcodes: Enhancing Shopping By Empowering Consumers

Information at Consumers’ Fingertips

You might have scanned a 2D Barcode (QR code) on your smartphone to access a menu or get a coupon, but did you know that 2D barcodes can provide much more detailed information?

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Implications for Businesses

Today, the top retail companies are uncovering the benefits of a dynamic barcode, enabling them to enrich their end consumers. There is no reason small and medium manufacturers should hesitate to formulate a strategy how to better interact with their clients. The explanation by PepsiCo sums up the capabilities.

Benefits of Digital Link QR Codes over UPC Barcodes

Demo Image
Demo Image
Scans at checkout
Allergen Alerts
Nutritional Information
Expiration Data
Brand Information
Coupon and Promotions

For businesses, the shift from UPC barcodes to GTIN Digital Link 2D barcodes is significant. It represents a move towards a more interconnected, digital, and data-rich environment. Companies that are currently reliant on UPC barcodes need to be aware of these changes and prepare for the transition.

Automatic GTIN Digital Link Integration Through GTIN.cloud

Towards the end of the summer, subscribers to the GTIN.cloud (global repository and UPC management portal) will be able to seamlessly create Digital Link 2D barcode symbols as high-resolution .eps files.  As a part of the GTIN (UPC) setup process, users will have the option of including destination web addresses, and the portal will automatically generate the digital link plus a digital barcode file.  This enhanced functionality not only future-proofs users’ barcodes but also enables them to make direct connections with today’s consumers. 

Implementing digitally linked QR Codes can be easily managed through the GTIN web portal, www.GTIN.cloud. This portal is designed to enable current and future subscribers to easily create GTIN digital link QR codes. This feature simplifies the transition for businesses from the traditional UPC system to the more advanced GTIN Digital Link QR Codes. Companies can leverage this portal to generate QR codes that are rich in content and tailored to their specific needs.


SPECIAL OFFER – Since we believe that every company should take advantage of the benefits of on-pack QR codes, we are also offering every current GS1 Barcode client a free QR code to direct consumers to their corporate website.  

Please reach out to your assigned GS1 Barcode Consultant and they will be happy to assist with the complimentary QR code. 

Companies requiring additional information can call us at 800-662-0701 or email support@barcode.graphics.

Bar Code Graphics, along with technology specialists around the globe, helped contribute to the global documentation to make this new initiative a reality. We have created a tutorial website, www.gs1digital.link, to help educate companies on this exciting new initiative. The transition from status UPC barcodes to Digital Link enabled QR codes has already begun. Retailers in both Europe and the US are beginning to upgrade their POS (point-of-sale) terminals to get ready for the 2027 Sunrise Date.

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