New For 2023: Walmart SSCC-18 Pallet Label

Wal-Mart SSCC-18

Walmart’s Supply Chain Standards” have been updated, and now require all vendors to apply a Serialized Shipping Container Code (SSCC-18) to each pallet.

Vendors need to assign a unique SSCC-18 for each pallet, and incorporate it, into a GS1-128 Shipping Label. Click here to learn how GS1-128 labels are utilized.

The Walmart SSCC-18 Pallet Label requirement applies to all types of pallet shipments to Walmart’s Regional Distribution Centers.

Each of the 3 types of pallets shipped to Walmart Regional Distribution Centers, has a different GS1-128 Shipping label format.

Wal-mart sscc-18 Pallet pull

Pallet Pull Format

  • Pallets containing one GTIN
  • For this type of pallet, Walmart requires both the GTIN-14 and SSCC-18 barcodes to be printed on the same shipping label.
  • The words “PALLET PULL” are printed on this label.

Mixed Pallet Format

  • Pallets containing mixed products.
  • For this type of pallet, Walmart only requires the SSCC-18 barcode to be printed on the shipping label.
  • The words “MIXED PALLET” are printed on this label.

PDQ Display Pallet

  • A PDQ label is used on complete pallets for in-store displays.
  • PDQ pallets contain one product and require the assigned GTIN-14 barcode.
  • The words “PDQ DISPLAY” are printed on this label.

Walmart’s SSCC-18 Pallet Label Standards require vendors to assign unique SSCC-18 barcode numbers for each pallet and include it in the Advanced Ship Notices (856) being sent to Walmart. 

SSCC-18 Barcodes

SSCC-18 barcodes are assigned using a data structure that includes a GS1 Company Prefix along with a vendor-assigned unique serial number.   The length of the reference ID is based on the length of the GS1 Company Prefix.

The type of barcode on a Walmart SSCC-18 Pallet Label is called GS1-128 and used throughout the retail industry to encode SSCC-18 and other GS1 data fields. Click here to learn more about GS1-128 barcodes.

How Can We Help?

Bar Code Graphics, Inc. has extensive experience working with both retailers and vendors, for all types of retail barcode requirements.

All vendors printing Walmart SSCC-18 Pallet Labels in-house should submit a sample label to Bar Code Graphics to verify compliance.

Walmart GTIN-14 General Case barcode labels can be ordered online 24/7 at with same-day shipping.

Please contact us for assistance with Wal Mart’s SSCC-18 Pallet Label requirements.

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