How are GS1-128 Shipping Labels used?

GS1-128 shipping labels are used in conjunction with Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and bridge physical shipments to electronic data.  The illustration below represents the relationship between the PO (850), ASN (856), and the GS1-128 Shipping Label which is applied to shipment.

GS1-128 Label Usage

GS1-128 Label Usage and Basic EDI Workflow:

  • Retailer issues Purchase Order (850) to Supplier
  • Supplier receives Purchase Order (850) and creates the shipment.
  • The packaging hierarchy (carton, pallets, trailers) is defined by supplier and a ‘Serialized Shipping Container Code’ SSCC-18 is assigned for either each: carton, pallet or trailer.  The level of packaging which needs an SSCC-18 is based on individual retailer requirements.
  • Supplier creates Advanced Ship Notice (856) and includes SSCC-18 to identify either each: carton, pallet or trailer.
  • When the shipment arrives at retail receiving location, it is received by scanning the GS1-128 Shipping Label and associating it with an ASN (856).  This effectively enables a retailer to receive and move shipments within their supply chain without having to open or manually review each shipment.

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