Amazon Barcode Requirements

Bar Code Graphics offers STOCK PRINTED LABELS on Amazon, and in the process of becoming an Amazon Seller, we gained an understanding as to what Amazon barcode requirements and what they require in regards to UPC numbers for items being shipped to Amazon for Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA).

Here are the most important things we learned regarding Amazon barcode requirements;

All Amazon suppliers are required to obtain UPC numbers to set-up an item on Seller Central, however, the UPC is NOT REQUIRED to be placed on each item.  There are 2 ways to obtain a UPC Number;  Join the GS1 and have a GS1 Company Prefix assigned to your company and then assign Product Reference numbers to create a UPC number, OR purchase UPC numbers from a UPC reseller.  Historically, Amazon did not recommend how suppliers obtain UPC numbers, and consequently, most Amazon Suppliers obtained UPC numbers from UPC Resellers.  However, recently Amazon updated the information published on Seller Central to recommend suppliers obtain UPC numbers from the GS1.  For more information, go to; OBTAINING UPC NUMBERS

The ONLY Amazon items required to have a UPC code placed on the item are; Stickerless Comingled Inventory.  These are typically items that are branded and the same item is sold by additional Amazon Suppliers.  Commingling your inventory makes it easier to fill customer orders more quickly and efficiently.  If you enable commingled inventory for your seller account, when a buyer purchases a product from you, Amazon will send an identical item from the fulfillment center closest to the buyer to expedite delivery, even if it was originally sent to the fulfillment center by a different seller. Amazon will transfer an item from your inventory into the other seller’s inventory to compensate them, and you get the credit for the sale.  NOTE: Not all inventory is eligible for commingling.

Amazon barcode requirements

Amazon’s systems are barcode-driven.  Each item sent to an Amazon fulfillment center requires a barcode so that it can be tracked throughout the fulfillment process.  For items which are only being sold by a single supplier and shipped to Amazon’s fulfillment centers for FBA, do not require a UPC label on the item, they require an Amazon Product Identification Label.  Here’s an example of an Amazon Product Label which is required for shipments to Amazon Fulfillment Centers;

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