GS1 GTIN Management Standard

The GTIN Allocation Rules are now the GTIN Management Standard.

GTIN Management Standard

GTIN (Global Trade Item Number) data structures provides the global supply chain solution for the identification of any item that is traded (priced, ordered, invoiced). The new GTIN Management Standard replaces the previous GTIN Allocation Rules.  Manufacturers do NOT have to change any previous GTIN assignments. This new standard simplifies the previous rules and should be used for guidance going forward. 


Important Aspects:

  • The new standard simplifies the 46 former GTIN Allocation Rules and organizes them under 10 basic rules.
  • For current users, there are no major changes to the underlying logic behind when a new GTIN is required for products.
  • The new GTIN Management Standard rules provide less room for interpretation.
  • The GTIN Allocation Rules that are unique to Fresh Foods and Healthcare are not affected.
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