(10) UPC Assignments Total Fee: $400

Price: $150.00

The total fee for 1-10 UPC barcodes is $400. The BCG GS1 barcode and product data management fee ($150) is due now and a separate $250 prefix license fee is paid to GS1 during application processing.

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Process Overview

UPC barcodes for 10 items with a GS1 Company Prefix uniquely identifying your company, which enables your products to be sold globally. The GS1 standards agency only licenses UPC Company Prefixes. As the US barcode authority, we provide 10 high-resolution barcode graphic files (.eps) and comprehensive support for 1 year. An assigned consultant will help with assignments, GTIN data attributes and barcodes.

After checking out, you will be prompted with illustrated directions on how to navigate the process. Note: GS1 licensing agency does not provide refunds. Once licensing payment is completed, your Prefix and 10 UPC assignments will IMMEDIATELY be available.

PLEASE NOTE: In 2022, all GS1 Service orders include complimentary access to GTIN.Cloud, which is the repository and management portal for UPC Product data. To place an order:

Note: GS1 Service ordering has moved to a new site. Please ignore the message below and use the button above to order.

Our approach to customer service is very different than the standards agencies that regard service as an expense. In contrast, we regard personal customer interactions as opportunities to validate barcode compliance, promote education, and build loyalty.

Since the inception of the UPC, Bar Code Graphics (BCG) has been the trusted US authority for providing precise UPC/ISBN barcodes. The total fee for 1-10 UPC barcode assignments is $400. The BCG GS1 Barcode Service Fee ($150) is due now and the $250 GS1 license fee will be paid directly to GS1 US during application submission. GS1, the global standards organization, licenses GS1 Company Prefixes and offers educational webinars for GTIN support. After the first year there is a required $50 annual renewal fee paid directly to GS1 US for continued use of your Company Prefix. In lieu of ongoing GS1 support, companies can optionally take GS1 fundamental/certification classes.