Prvent (1 year) Subscription: Additional Location

Price: $239.00 / year

Add additional location to existing Prvent Subscription (1 year)

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*This item is for existing Prevnt Subscribers who would like to add another location.

Prvent Visitor Sign-in &  COVID-19 Risk Assessment Solution enables businesses and buildings to safely re-open, by requiring visitors to perform a Prvent mobile COVID-19 Screening assessment prior to entering.  In addition to reducing potential COVID-19 exposure, Prvent also maintains visitor data which can be used for contact tracing if needed.


  • (12) Month Prvent Subscription
    • Unlimited Visitors may sign-in
    • Unlimited COVID-19 Screenings
    • Access to Visitor Dashboard
  • Visitor Sign-In Poster
    • Contains unique QR code (for each location) which enables visitors to scan symbol and complete sign-in
    • Logo and company name can be added
  • Mobile COVID-19 Screening Tool
    • Select COVID-19 Screening Questions for your visitors
    • Contact Tracing data available for export