Amazon Transparency Program

Amazon Transparency Program

Every Amazon customer has seen the same dreaded words in an Amazon review: FAKE.  In order to increase consumer confidence and fight counterfeiting, Amazon has started the Amazon Transparency Program.  This allows consumers to instantly verify the legitimacy of their purchases.  In addition, it allows manufacturers to sell their products without competition from counterfeiters.

The Amazon Transparency Program is carried out in four steps and involves all parties in the selling and purchasing process – Amazon, the manufacturer and the customer.

  1. To enter their products into the Amazon Transparency Program, each manufacturer buys Amazon Identifiers for each product.  The identifier is unique to each item and uses a 26-digit encryption code.  The identifier will contain the following:
  • The Manufacturing Date
  • The Manufacturing Location
  • The Materials
  • The Ingredients
  1. The Transparency Code and Logo are applied to each product.  While Amazon prefers the logo to be in full color, black or white symbols are also acceptable.  The preferred placement is on the front of the package so that it is easily visible throughout the supply chain and for the customer.
  2. Amazon will scan the Transparency Code prior to shipment.  This ensures that only authentic products will be shipped to customers.  A failure will trigger a counterfeit investigation.
  3. An app is available for Apple and Android for the customer to scan the Transparency Code and verify the authenticity of their products.  Provided the product does not fail, detailed information about the product will be displayed.  If it does fail, the customer will be able to easily contact Amazon from the app.

In addition to the aforementioned benefits, additional tools are available to proactively find counterfeit items.

  • Products can be searched by image, allowing manufacturers and suppliers to find counterfeit items by product images or logos.
  • A global search allowing one to search for content across Amazon without having to navigate around a number of different screens.
  • An ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number) search allows manufacturers or suppliers to search via bulk ASIN numbers or product URLs.

If counterfeit item listings are found, the manufacturer or supplier is provided with easy reporting tools to notify Amazon of the issue.  The team responding to those reports are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, allowing manufacturers or suppliers to receive immediate support regardless of time or location.  Ninety-five percent of reports of infringement are acted upon within eight hours.

The Amazon Transparency Program increases consumer and seller confidence.  In conjunction with other programs like the Amazon Brand Registry, suppliers may experience reduced competition from others undercutting their business with counterfeit products, supporting fair commerce and healthy profits.

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