GS1 Auditing

To support our business operations and clients needs, Bar Code Graphics has seven team members who are GS1 Certified Consultants or GS1 Standards Professionals.  For clients’ needing to confirm alignment with GS1 Standards we provide the following GS1 Auditing services;

  • GS1 auditing from Bar Code GraphicsGTIN Item and Case Marking Verification – Certify printed barcodes are GS1 compliant and have an acceptable ANSI/ISO Barcode Print Quality Grade
  • GS1 Barcode Quality Assurance Programs – Confirm internal barcode quality assurance protocols are aligned with GS1 Standards
  • Product and Case GTIN assignment – We can verify you have followed the GS1 guidelines in assigning and maintaining accurate data.
  • Supplier Guide Support – Bar Code Graphics will certify information being distributed to suppliers is accurate and adheres to the GS1 General Specifications.

GS1 Standards Audits can be performed on-site, or off-site depending on the type of services required.

Please contact us to discuss your company’s needs.