GS1 Connect 2023: Denver, CO June 5-7

Rise to the Challenges of the Digital Supply Chain

GS1 is the global identification standards organization and has local offices around the globe. Every year, GS1 Global offers a very comprehensive conference, GS1 Connect, for their local offices and members. For companies who wish to learn about the details of the identification standards, there are extensive educational tracks available. These classes are ideal for companies who do not subscribe to any GS1 Barcode Support programs. The cost for the general 3-day conference is $1800.  The educational tracks are available the days before the conference for an additional fee. Click here to see the agenda.

Throughout the years the focus of the annual conference has changed to reflect current standards and technology in the marketplace. Originally, most of the content involved barcoding and RFID identification. This year, many of the sessions involve product data quality and the introduction of 2D barcode integration with GTIN Digital Links.

Please keep in mind that these conferences are normally attended by larger companies that have dedicated individuals or teams managing GTIN data and barcodes.   The vast majority of small-medium companies subscribe to a GS1 Support program, that provides them access to a consultant who can assist with these needs, as they arise. 

GS1 Barcode Support

GS1 Support Service helps companies with every step. In addition to personal ongoing assistance with GTIN (all level) assignments and product data uploads, the bundled service includes a product credit which can be used for high resolution .eps barcode files, printed barcode labels or ISO/ANSI barcode printed quality testing.

All GS1 Barcode Support subscriptions come with access to, which is the sole source repository for brands to manage GTINs and UPC product data. GS1 Barcode Support services are perfect for suppliers that need anything from technical guidance to comprehensive support with creating and maintaining item hierarchies and GTIN assignments. Whereas the GS1 Barcode Support is for companies who already have their brand assigned GS1 Company Prefix, UPC Barcode service is available for companies new to UPC barcoding.

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