100,000 UPC Assignments Total Fee: $13,000

Price: $2,500.00

The total fee for 100,000 UPC assignments is $13,000. The GS1 Barcode Service Fee ($2,500) is due now and the $10,500 GS1 US Membership fee will be paid directly to GS1 US during application processing.

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Process Overview

UPC assignments for 100,000 items with a uniquely licensed GS1 Company Prefix assigned to your company direct from GS1. The GS1 Barcode Service includes 1 year support from an assigned consultant who will personally coordinate the processes enabling your company to provide accurate item identification and UPC barcodes. Complete the information below and click on PLACE ORDER to begin.

Your dedicated Bar Code Graphics GS1 Consultant will provide guidance assigning UPC numbers, designating product data/dimensional attributes and creating barcodes. The GS1 Barcode Service includes a $2000 credit for printed labels from www.orderbarcodes.com, or high precision digital barcode files (.eps).

In addition, your consultant will validate and upload UPC information to global product data registries. Cloud space to host product data spreadsheets (Data Hub, Google), barcode files and product images. As your company begins to work with retailers who request carton barcodes, assistance will be provided in assigning GTIN-14s from UPCs for outer packaging identification. Click Here for additional GS1 Barcode Service FAQs.

Immediately after checking out now, you will be prompted to enter your company and contact information which will initiate our process. After licensing payment is made to GS1, your Prefix and UPC assignments will INSTANTLY be available.

PLEASE NOTE: In 2022, all GS1 Service orders include complimentary access to GTIN.Cloud, which is the repository and management portal for UPC Product data. To place an order:

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