Axicon PV-1072

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Axicon PV-1072 portable 1D linear verifier 2.6″ Auto-selects apertures

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Axicon PV-1072 Portable Bar Code Verifier

The PV-1072 is the simplest Axicon verifier for point-of-sale bar codes, and is fully portable.  It is powered by its own display and data collection unit which runs on four AA batteries.  Rechargeable batteries can be supplied with a charger if they are required.  A protective rubber cover for the data collection unit is also available.

It can be used to verify all retail point-of-sale bar codes (EAN-13, EAN-8, UPC-A UPC-E and GS1 Databar), as well as pharmaceutical product bar codes (such as CIP 39, Italian pharmacode, HIBCC, and Code 128).  The scan width of the reader is 66 mm.

It enables you to save or print simple text files that provide a summary of each bar code’s verification.  The saved text files can be transferred to a PC using a USB memory stick for subsequent printing, or printed out to a serial (RS232) printer.

Although the read-head of the PV-1072 looks very similar to the Axicon 6015, it cannot be used with a PC, or a PV-1000 unit, to provide more detailed results.  Unlike all the other Axicon verifiers, it can only save or print the results as a text file.  This means it provides less detailed information about each bar code, but if you simply want to know the ISO/IEC grade for a symbol, it does this job perfectly.

The PV-1072 system comprises the PV-1072 read-head, the PV-1072 portable display and collection unit, a data cable, an operating manual, a calibration card and compliance certificates in a protective case.

Features and Benefits

  • Connectivity: Compatible with USB
  • Works with Axicon Verifiers: Can be used with Axicon 6015, 6515 and 7015 verifiers
  • Transfer Data: Option to transfer data to a PC for printing or archiving
  • Optional Printer: For printed reports


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