How it Works

Trading Partner Information Exchange was launched by Bar Code Graphics in 2004 as a subscription based service to alert users to requirement changes made by any of their retail trading partners. We currently monitor 175 retailers’ vendor requirements each day and alert users to any relevant changes. This service has been developed to keep our clients informed of changes made by their trading partners without requiring that they use internal resources to check each vendor guide every day.

trading partner information exchange from Bar Code Graphics

Benefits of using the Trading Partner Information Exchange

In order to improve retail operations and supply chain processes, retailers are constantly updating and adding new business requirements.  Retailers expect suppliers to check vendor guides daily and to implement changes immediately, which is why the Trading Partner Information Exchange is a necessary resource for any supplier who does business with multiple retailers.

  • Avoid offset charges by having the most current information.
  • Stay up-to-date with all changes for all of your retail trading partners from a single location.
  • Email notifications can be customized and sent only for specific changes and for selected trading partners.
  • New companies can research retailer requirements and learn how to apply to become a supplier.

By being informed of updates and new requirements, users are able to meet their retailers’ requirements efficiently and without being assessed compliance charges.

Just Added: News items for each retailer tracked involving supply chain, technology or financial information. With today’s turbulent retail environment, suppliers need to keep informed.

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