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With a staggering customer base of over 200 million people, Amazon uses their vast network of distribution centers and fantastic agreements with shipping partners to give your customers the best online purchasing experience possible. There are many advantages to using Amazon’s services, the most important being payment processing, customer service, shipping of products, handling of returns, processing of refunds, storing your products in their warehouse, and FREE two day shipping on almost everything you sell!

Amazon selling strategies are about accurately configuring and managing your products. Smart thinking, planning, and execution will drive sales and ensure a measurable return on your investment in Amazon seller consulting. Whereas Bar Code Graphics is the authority on product identification, we established a partnership with one of Amazon’s top award winning consultants to assist our clients. Their extensive experience as Amazon consultants and our understanding of the Amazon platforms will help align your sales strategy with business solutions to ensure maximum sales performance.

Where Do I Begin?
The process begins with a free consultation to determine the nature of your business. From there we will work with you to understand your product, determine your target audience, and discuss what Amazon consultant services are ideal for you. They will then recommend which of their services fit your needs and use this information to create a formal estimate for your approval.

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Amazon Consulting

Quite simply, no brand can afford to ignore Amazon. Today’s consumers first response to include Amazon when performing an online research for a product. 55% of online shoppers start product searches on Amazon and more than half of searches eventually result in a purchase. Initially, Amazon was considered an online retailer but they have now evolved into a technology platform geared at continually improving how customers can purchase almost any product. Their belief is that embracing a customer obsessed mentality is the path to success. Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon once said, “Customer obsession is not just listening to customer. Customer obsession is also inventing on their behalf.”

By focusing on the customer, small suppliers are an equal chance to reach prospective buyers. Unlike the traditional physical retail model where large suppliers overshadow small suppliers for shelf space. Amazon has four great advantages: 1) anyone can use it, 2) its reach is global, 3) it is relatively easy to use, and 4) it is extremely efficient at what it does—getting products to customers around the world. In other words, using Amazon gives you access to millions upon millions of potential customers waiting to buy your products.

So if you want learn how to grow your small business or establish a strategy for a brand leader, please click here to contact a specialist for a free consultation.

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