Difference between Scanning and Verifying a barcode

Being able to ‘scan’ a barcode with one scanner doesn’t mean the barcode is capable of being scanned by all barcode scanners and imagers.  Since a barcode will most likely be scanned a different of times within a supply chain it is imperative for the barcode to be read and verified using different equipment.


The only way to ensure a barcode will be able to utilized by a variety of scanning equipment is to utilize the ANSI/ISO Barcode Print Quality Analysis.  The ANSI/ISO analysis evaluates symbols based upon the same mechanics that scanners use to read them.  This standard was introduced in the 1980’s and has become the common assessment used to grade the print quality of a barcode symbol.

The primary difference between a barcode scanner and verifier is that a verifier performs the ANSI/ISO Barcode Print Quality Analysis and confirms the barcode is formatted in accordance with specific barcode standards.

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