Data Matrix Dimensions

Data Matrix Size Considerations

The data matrix dimension symbol size requirements are defined by the X-dimension of the barcode. The X-dimension is a measure of the smallest element of the barcode.  For a Data Matrix symbol, this is a measurement of the black and white squares that comprise the symbol.  X-dimensions are commonly displayed in “mils” (thousandths of an inch), inches, or millimeters.

The minimum acceptable X-dimension for Data Matrix symbol is 19.5 mils, or 0.0195” (0.494 mm).

Quiet Zone


Quiet Zones are the space immediately around a barcode symbol that are free of printing or marks (blank space or white space).

The minimum required Quiet Zone for the Data Matrix symbol is equal to the X-dimension of the symbol.  So, for a 19.5 mil/0.0195” symbol, a minimum Quiet Zone of 0.195” must be maintained around the top, bottom, left, and right of the symbol.

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