GTIN-14 Dimensions

The GS1 General Specifications define the physical attributes of all GS1 used barcodes. GTIN-14 dimensions for carton marking are determined by the type of barcode (data carrier) and whether or not the barcode symbol will be printed directly onto a carton or printed on a label. Although there are a variety of GS1 data carriers (barcodes) which can encode GTIN-14 data, two most common barcode languages are ITF-14 and GS1-128.

GTIN-14 Dimensions: ITF-14

The ITF-14 barcode is commonly used for carton marking by retailers. Industries, such as Grocery, Hardware, Office Supply and Sporting Goods, typically order individual items shipped in common cartons. The graphic example below denotes the minimum size of the GTIN-14 barcode dimensions (ITF-14) for both printing the barcode directly on a corrugated carton or printing on labels. Due to the differences in the printing processes, the sizing and format is different. Please consult your individual trading partners for their barcode size requirements and the GS1 General Specifications.

 GTIN-14 dimensions_itf14_data_carrier_diagram

GTIN-14 Dimensions: GS1-128

The illustration below denotes the minimum GTIN-14 dimensions for GS1-128 barcodes. Always consult your trading partner for their specific requirements.

GTIN-14 Dimensions GS1-128diagram

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