GTIN-14 Use on Cartons

The GS1 created the GTIN Management Standards to define item identification and the GTIN-14 use on cartons. The 2 most common types of cartons are; Standard/Uniform Carton and Mixed Assortment Carton.

Standard/Uniform Carton – GTIN-14 for a carton containing the same items

A carton containing the same items is referred to as Standard or Uniform Carton which means all items in the carton have the same UPC-12(GTIN-12).  Standard/Uniform Cartons generally have an Indicator digit of a value between 1 – 8.  The Company Prefix and Item Reference (first 11 digits) of UPC-12 is the same as the items in the carton.

GTIN-14 Use on Cartons

Mixed Assortment Carton – GTIN-14 for a carton containing different items

A carton containing items which are marked with a different UPC-12, is referred to as a Mixed Assortment.  Mixed Assortments use a ‘0’ for the Indicator digit followed by valid GS1 Company Prefix and then new Item Reference Number is assigned.

GTIN-14 Use on Cartons example

Creating & Printing GTIN-14 Barcodes

Verifying GTIN-14 Barcodes