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The following GS1 UPC Videos are wonderful tools to learn about the importance of proper product identification. GS1 is the global identification standards organization which provides the guidelines for product and logistical identification and also manages the licensing of GS1 Company Prefixes. The first of the two UPC Videos explain how UPC numbers are created using a GS1 Company Prefix assigned to the brand owner by the GS1.

Learn how to get barcodes:

GS1 compliance doesn’t have to be as hard as reading the 534 page GS1 General Specifications.  While these complimentary videos are here to provide assistance, many aspects of UPC barcoding and managing product data require a much more substantial resource.  Our GS1 Barcode Support provides personal, comprehensive service to your company.  Clients are assigned a personal consultant who will assist with GTIN assignments, barcode production, and product information. For companies who are new to UPC barcoding, the GS1 Barcode Service will assist with the entire process of obtaining a GS1 Company Prefix and creating barcodes.

The following UPC video explains the structure and components of a UPC (GTIN-12).

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