UPC Barcode Marking

Once a company licenses a GS1 Company Prefix and begins to assign UPC Codes (GTIN-12) to their products, they need to consider the options for UPC barcode marking. In other words, they have to determine how are the barcodes actually going to be included in either product packaging or labels. Typically, there are two methods for UPC barcode marking. For items with packaging yet to be printed, the most cost-effective option is to obtain a high-resolution digital barcode file. For items whose packaging is already printed, obtaining printed UPC barcode labels is a common solution.

Incorporate barcode directly onto packaging with a digital barcode file

UPC Barcode Marking digital barcode file

A digital barcode file is a digital image, which is normally an encapsulated postscript file (.eps) of a barcode image. These files are used for graphic design. In order to ensure a printed symbol can be read in the marketplace, a high-resolution barcode image is needed to compensate for growth that occurs during printing. Please note that there are different types of graphics file formats available, but ONLY .eps should be used for barcode design. A detailed explanation of the various format is available at https://www.barcode.graphics/barcode-image-file-formats/.

Due to minimum sizing requirements, it is recommended that users do not alter the digital barcode file in any way. It is advisable that only qualified graphic designers and printers be involved with incorporating digital barcodes into package design. Placement is also an important component of UPC barcode marking so please consult us for assistance.

Affix a pressure sensitive label (sticker) onto the item:

UPC Barcode Marking affixing labels

Printed barcode labels (stickers) are ideal when;

  • Packaging is already printed
  • Products will not have packaging
  • Small quantities are required
  • UPC barcodes initially needed for samples

Printed labels can come in either rolls or sheets. The type and price of printed labels are dependent on label size, adhesive, and quantity. OrderBarcodes.com provides printed labels with prices starting at just $15. Please visit www.orderbarcodes.com.

Our GS1 Barcode Support includes a credit for printed barcode labels. In addition, clients are assigned a personal consultant who will assist with GTIN assignments, barcode production, and product information. For companies who are new to UPC barcoding, the GS1 Barcode Service will assist with the entire of process of obtaining GS1 UPC  barcodes. Digital barcode files are included with either service.

Creating & Printing UPC Barcodes

Verifying UPC Barcodes