Professional Services

We offer a variety of services built on our extensive experience and qualifications.

Vendor Guide/Specification Development

The cornerstone of any barcode program is a clear and easy to understand set of requirements.  Identification Labs will create vendor requirements, update existing ones, or simply review and provide recommendations to align existing requirements to the relevant standards.

Certification Programs

A Certification Program ensures that suppliers are capable of producing the labeling and barcoding that your company relies on.  Programs can involve certification of an entire supplier base, or focus on remedying problems as they arise.  Identification Labs has years of experience designing, implementing, and administering certification programs.  Let us assist with everything from supplier outreach to dock audits.

Supply Chain Monitoring 

Barcode scanning issues that go unreported, or are simply defined as “non scans” aren’t going to go away and are always going to be a drag on the bottom line.  Our monitoring programs provide actionable information on barcode rejects.  We have experience both acting as a component in an existing monitoring or compliance program as well as implementing stand alone programs.  Our focus is always on getting the best data with the least disruption.

Process Audit

From the time your barcoding software is opened, to the time a pallet leaves your four walls, there are countless opportunities for things to go wrong.  Whether your focus is on maximizing scan rates or minimizing offsets, Identification Labs can review your barcode and labeling practices end to end and advise on solutions, changes, and “best practices”.  Your company will benefit from our years of experience in the compliance and standards fields.

EDI 856 ASN Testing

Due to the strong relationship between GS1-128 shipping labels and an Advanced Ship Notice (ASN) 856, Identification Labs offers file format and data validation services. This certification may or may not include GS1-128 barcode testing.

Data Validation / Data Migration

In addition to the above Professional Services, Identification Labs embraces new challenges and would welcome an opportunity to discuss your needs to determine how we can assist.  We are a flexible and innovative company to work with, contact us to discuss your project.