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Alternative to Support from Our GS1 Barcode Consultants

As an alternative to relying on our GS1 barcode consultants for UPC barcode implementation, companies can optionally take educational classes from GS1 to correctly assign and implement GTINs. As the global standards organization, GS1 offers an array of live classes and webinars enabling companies to learn specifics of GS1 standards to prevent mislabeling and incorrect identification. Please note: these classes are not necessary for companies working with a personal GS1 barcode consultant.

Educational Classes

Since GS1 standards are utilized by various industries and applications, there are over 60 different educational tracks available. For companies who are just getting started and need proper footing, the following general classes are most commonly recommended.

Assign GTINs Like A Pro1.5 hours$79
Which GS1 Barcode is Right For You?1.5 hours$79
Introduction to GLN20 min.$59
“GS1 Foundations Virtual Certificate Course”12-14 hours$525


The amount of investment of time and money for training is typically dependent on the magnitude of a company’s expected use of GTINs and UPC barcodes. For licenses of prefixes for 10 and 100 GTINs, the “Assign GTINs to Your Products Like a Pro” and “Which GS1 Barcode is Right For You” are ideal to begin UPC implementation.

“Assign GTINs to Your Products Like a Pro” ($79)

“Which GS1 Barcode is Right For You?” ($79)

The GS1 Foundational certificate course is best suited for companies who plan on using hundreds and thousands of UPCs and selling products to major retailers. The ramifications for errors and inaccurate data are magnified as your company begins working with trading partners who are 100% reliant on GS1 standards.

  • Eliminate product returns resulting from inaccurate product data
  • Reduce barcode scanning errors at check that result in unsold product
  • Improve supply chain visibility with proper usage of Application Identifiers (AIs) and Global Location Numbers (GLNs)

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GS1 UPC Barcode Services

GS1 Barcode Service

Ever since the first UPC was scanned on a Wrigley’s pack of gum, Bar Code Graphics has been the authority on barcode creation and implementation. We have directly or indirectly touched most suppliers in the major retail stores. The GS1 Barcode Service bundles several of our services for companies new to the process or looking to have support from certified standards experts.

Most companies need to start assigning them right away and don’t want to devote a person or group to go through educational training and keep abreast of ongoing changes with GS1 standards. Companies that do this incorrectly either never get past the starting line, or stumble in their first few steps. Companies can either work through Bar Code Graphics, to manage/create their UPC/GTIN barcodes or invest time in learning to implement the GS1 numbering and barcode standards.

GS1 UPC Barcode Service helps companies with every step. In addition to application processing, personal assistance with GTIN assignments, and product data uploads, high-resolution digital barcodes (.eps) are included. Please note that printed labels may be substituted for digital files for 10 & 100 barcode packages.

Coming Soon – The GTIN.Cloud data repository for managing GTINS, creating barcodes, and exporting data tables to various other data pools. The GTIN.Cloud will be included with all GS1 Barcode Service and Support packages.

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