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Since 2001, has been the leading source for generating high resolution digital barcode  (.eps) files.  The online application is the only software to ever receive UCC (GS1) Software certification to generate high resolution .eps barcode files.  The website ( has recently undergone a complete redesign to improve the user experience and also provide the functionality to generate free low resolution digital barcodes (.jpg). Nothing has changed to the underlying certified barcode creation engine, PrecisionCode, which has generated over 23 million digital barcode files for more than 120.000 users.

Previous users will be required to re-establish account credentials since the new platform is completely independent from the current site.  Existing users may view past orders by clicking the on the LOGIN link in the upper right corner. There will be a link enabling past users to log in using their previous username/password to view past orders.

The free barcode generator function of the website enables users to create low resolution files for all major barcode languages including; UPC-A, EAN-13, Code 128, Data Matrix, and QR Codes.  JPG files can be created in seconds and can be used for web display and FPO (for-position-only). is the easiest, quickest way to generate digital barcode artworks for labels, packaging, coupons and books.  Digital barcodes (.eps and .emf) are created instantly 24/7.  Low resolution digital image files formats such as .jpg and .png should never be used for barcodes which will be printed. These file formats are ideal for web display. Click here to learn more about digital barcode file formats.

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