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GS1 Barcode Service and SupportOur GS1 Barcode Service and Support clients have a 1-year direct access to certified Barcode Professional consultants who can assist with product identification needs.  We are excited to announce that we have added a new feature to GS1 Service/Support which includes dedicated cloud space to host product data spreadsheets (Data Hub, Google), barcode files and product images.  This new feature is now available for every new order and also existing GS1 Barcode Service/Support clients. If you are interested in having all of your data stored and backed up in a cloud environment, please reach out to your personal barcode consultant or email There is no additional fee for this feature.

The benefits of proper UPC barcode product identification extend beyond simply getting products into a retailer or online marketplace.  Google and other web-based services are integrating GTIN identification as part of their search processes.  Taking control of your digital product photos and content is imperative to successful product discovery.  For information about professional digital photos, please visit

GS1 UPC Barcode Service helps companies with every step. In addition to application processing, personal assistance with GTIN assignments and product data uploads, high resolution digital barcodes (.eps) are included. Please note that printed labels may be substituted for digital files for 10 & 100 barcode packages.

Number of Items GS1 License GS1 UPC Service Total Fee Included Barcodes
1 -10 $250 $150 $400 10 files SELECT
1 – 100 $750 $250 $1,000 100 files SELECT
1 – 1,000 $2,500 $1,000 $3,500 $1,000 credit SELECT
1 – 10,000 $6,000 $2,000 $8,500 $1,500 credit SELECT
1 – 100,000 $10,500 $2,500 $13,000 $2,000 credit SELECT

To proceed, please click on the appropriate SELECT link.
To speak with a UPC support representative please call 800-662-0701 or click on the Chat button below.

For clients interested in learning about the Google Manufacturer Center, please view the following tutorial video.

For more information, please contact Brien Fennell at

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