Single GS1 UPC Barcodes

  • Economical solution for companies with only a few products
  • No Renewal Fees!
  • GS1 provides the GTIN assignment(s) directly to you.
  • .EPS barcode file(s) immediately created (avoid png & jpg)
  • Both brand and product description are identified in the GS1 Database

The standards agency (GS1) for UPC identification is now enabling small companies the option of purchasing legitimate single GS1 US GTIN (UPC) barcodes without licensing a Company Prefix and paying ongoing renewal fees. The total fee includes; GS1 licensed GTINs, .eps barcodes, data upload and support.

Single UPCs: Select Number of UPC Barcodes Required

# of Items GS1 GTIN License Barcode Service Total Fee

If your company only has a few items, single GS1 GTINs are an economical option to have UPCs licensed to your brand. The following industries and applications require a brand licensed UPC Company Prefix; medical devices and pharmaceutical products, coupon use, products packed in mixed cases, and variable weight items.

UPC Barcodes with Company Prefix vs. GS1 US UPCs

A unique GS1 (UPC) Company Prefix is the building block for most companies to assign UPCs to their products. Unlike arbitrarily assigned individual GS1 US UPCs (above), the UPCs available with licensed Company Prefix all begin with the same beginning numbers. It is important to keep in mind that each product and variant (size/color) requires a unique UPC barcode, which identifies that particular product.

  • Unique UPC Company Prefix only identifies your company
  • Cost-effective for over 9 products
  • Company Prefix and UPCs (GTINs) registered in GS1 Database
  • 1 yr support from dedicated GS1 barcode consultant
  • .EPS barcode files created immediately
UPC Prefix

The Importance of the GS1 UPC Database Registry

GS1 UPC Database

GS1 Global created online tools enabling companies, such as Amazon, to check UPC validity and brand ownership. Initially, the tools only looked to identify GS1 Company Prefix ownership and they have now expanded the functionality to also validate brand ownership and product descriptions for single GS1 US GTIN UPCs.

gs1 gtins
The above are just a few of the retailers requiring brand verifiable UPCs

Whereas GS1 is simply administers GTIN allocations, Bar Code Graphics is the US authority on barcodes and UPC implementation. The GS1 Barcode Service provides the actual .eps barcodes AND personal assistance with UPC GTIN assignments and product data uploads.

GS1 US GTIN Barcodes- FAQs

What is the real significance of a GS1 Company Prefix?

The basis of the GTIN identification system works of unique company identifiers assigned to each company.  GS1 global is a standards organization that oversees the numbering and guidelines for product identification. There are local GS1 offices in over 104 countries whose primary role is to license GS1 Company Prefixes to companies within their country.  In the US, GS1 US is the local office. The uniqueness of brand-specific GS1 Company Prefix allows products to be accepted and recognized across the globe.   Each country establishes its own pricing rules for licensing GS1 Prefixes, which are normally based on the total number of products a company needs to identify.

Retailers and marketplaces mandate that their suppliers have a GS1 Company Prefix licensed to their brand. Up until now, suppliers had no other choice but to get a brand-specific Company Prefix. We expect that over the new few months, many retailers may re-review their requirements.Since correct and unique production identification is critical to retail supply chains, major retailers and online marketplaces verify their suppliers’ UPCs against the GS1 Global Registry and they do not accept UPC barcodes without correctly licensed prefixes or GS1 US UPCs. For a complete listing of UPC pricing options, please click here.

Can a company begin with single GS1 UPCs and later license a GS1 Company Prefix, if needed?

This is quite common and the new standards management portal enables companies to now mix different types of GTIN assignments. Your GS1 Barcode Consultant can assist with determining the most economical strategy to meet your company’s needs.

How many UPC Codes do I need for my products?

Each individual product that you are planning on selling will need its own unique UPC Code. Each variant of a product will require a unique UPC so products of different size and colors will each be unique represented with an individual UPC. Please visit for detailed information.

CALL (800)662-0701 X250 or use CHAT for assistance

At Bar Code Graphics, we define a GS1 UPC Barcode as one which correctly contains a GS1 Company Prefix or is single GS1 US assigned GTIN. There is a tremendous amount of incorrect information advertised online for cheap UPC codes, and companies really need to understand the severity of these offerings. Please visit this educational page to learn more about UPC and how some companies provide resold UPCs.

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