Bar Code Graphics history dates back to the beginning of Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC) Technology.


1970s –  First UPC symbol scanned at a grocery store in Ohio.  

  • On Thursday, June 26 1974, the first UPC symbol was scanned off of a pack of Wrigley Juicy Fruit Gum at Marsh Supermarket in Troy, Ohio.
  • Bob Verb, founder of ScanGraphics (later Bar Code Graphics, Inc.) was an original member of the Uniform Code Council (UCC) technical STAT committee. The STAT Committee was organized to create the original UPC printing specifications, which were needed to enable widespread adoption of UPC symbols.
  • Enhanced our company’s original product offering of pre-press artwork to support OCR and printing applications and to include barcode film masters which were the original product needed in order to place a barcode directly onto packaging.

1980s – Bar Code Graphics, Inc. is founded.  

  • To focus on the emerging barcode technologies, Bar Code Graphics was established as an independent company and was incorporated in the state of Illinois.
  • The company developed products and services to support point of sale scanning including film master, preprinted label service bureau, and a proprietary DOS based barcode label software.
  • Bar Code Graphics continued work with development of barcode standards by being active in several Uniform Code Council Work Groups.
  •  Bar Code Graphics became a designated resource by several retailers in the U.S. to support a variety of barcode applications within their supply chains.

1990s – Bar Code Graphics launches Identification Labs.

  • Identification Labs was established as a wholly owned division dedicated to providing unbiased barcode testing analysis and certification services for our retail partners.
  • Developed proprietary a pre-press barcode artwork application, Precision Code, to support companies using desktop publishing applications and a need for high resolution .eps files.
  • Enhanced barcode label service bureau capabilities to include any/all types of barcode labels including UPC, tracking, 2D, UDI, GS1-128 shipping labels, and AIAG labels.
  • Joined the Book Industry Study Group (BISG) Machine Readable Coding committee to establish barcoding standards for book publishing.
  • Participated in the UCC’s Quality Work Group to provide technical guidance and requirements for assessing barcode print quality.

2000s Global Standards (GS1) is created to support global adoption of barcodes. 

  • The Uniform Code Council and European Article Number organizations all become part of the GS1. Bar Code Graphics becomes a GS1 Solution Partner and joins several GS1 work groups to support the evolution of barcode standards.
  • Launches online portal (www.createbarcodes.com) to enable clients to order and manage barcode graphic files.  Bar Code Graphics’ proprietary barcode application, PrecisionCode, which powers createbarcodes.com, is certified by the GS1 US and is the only application to receive GS1 certification for software to create vector-based barcode files (.eps).  Global licensing agreements were created for the use of PrecisionCode within partners’ applications.
  • TradingPartner.info is launched as a communications service to keep suppliers informed of retail trading partner changes.
  • Launches online portal (orderbarcodelabels.com) to enable clients to order preprinted barcode labels.
  • Becomes an authorized agent for the US ISBN Agency (Bowker) and creates Publisher Services, a division of Bar Code Graphics.

2010s –  Expansion of Identification Labs to support industrial, retail and distribution supply chains.

  • Identification Labs expands service offerings to support supplier score cards, data migration, data catalogs, RFID, as well as several other specialized services.
  • Identification Labs develops barcode standards for a global company which is aligned with AIAG shipping label standards.
  • GS1 authors white paper on collaborative Bar Code Graphics testing application utilizing GS1 Data Hub. Click here to read.
  • The Electronics Component Industry Association (ECIA) partners with Bar Code Graphics to provide comprehensive 2D barcode labeling certification for the entire industry.
  • Expansion into providing printed label solutions for traceability and serialized applications.
  • Launch of bookdatabase.online as online searchable repository for book title information for ISBNs obtained through www.isbn-us.com.  Today, the database has over 2.9 million titles.
  • PrecisionCode application evolves into a web-based application enabling licensing partners enhanced capabilities and service levels.

2020s –  Increasing Global Barcode Identification Support

  • Expansion of the GS1 Global GTIN Support program to companies around the world.
  • Launch of GTIN.cloud as the brand-managed global repository for GTIN product data.
  • Established GS1 Digital Link capabilities within GTIN.cloud management portal.  All GS1 Service/Support clients will be able to meet the Sunrise Date of 2027 for transitioning from UPC barcodes to unique barcodes that will connect every item to the web.

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