How to Use Digital Barcode Files

How to Use Digital Barcode Graphic Files

The most common import commands to use your digital barcode are listed below.

Use Digital Barcode

  • Adobe Illustrator:  File>Place – select your EPS file, click Place
  • Adobe Photoshop:  File>Place – select your EPS file, click Place
  • Quark Xpress: Draw picture box, File>GET PICTURE
  • Freehand:  File>Import – select your EPS file
  • Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, etc.):  The eps files will not work in Microsoft office programs.  We recommend converting the eps to an emf file using an online converter.  Click Insert>Picture, From File – select your EMF file, click Insert.

Key points to remember when working with a barcode graphic file:

  • Do not resize the image after importing it into the application. Doing so can compromise the scannability of the printed barcode.
  • Avoid judging the barcode quality by the on-screen preview. Many applications do not provide an accurate preview of a barcode graphic file. The quality of the image should be determined by the actual printed sample.

View this video for instructions on importing a barcode graphic file.

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