GS1 General Specifications Revision January 2019

GS1 General Specifications RevisionGS1 has just released the latest revision of the GS1 General Specifications Version 19.  The global standards address identification and barcode marking for numerous industries. The vast majority of the retailers follow these specifications.  The GS1 General Specifications have grown to 471 pages.

Please forward this information to individuals in your company who are responsible for barcoding and product/shipment identification. For our GS1 Barcode Service/Support clients, please reach out to your personal consultant for assistance.

Changes to the GS1 General Specifications (Version 19) are as follows:

  • Section 1 – GTIN non-reuse : IMPORTANT see previous announcement
  • Section 2 – GS1 Logistic Label – 2D symbols
  • Section 2 – Multi-pallet trade items
  • Section 2 – Individual logistic units – attributes
  • Section 2 – Trade Item Groupings
  • Section 2 – North-American coupon code updates
  • Section 2 – Gen Spec continuous improvement
  • Section 3 – New AI – Optically readable sensor indicator
  • Section 3 – New AI: Product certificate
  • Section 4 – GS1 Logistic Label: 2D symbols
  • Section 6 – GS1 Logistic Label: Refinement of placement rules

To view a copy of the latest GS1 General Specification (v.19) revision, please visit Download PDF .

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