The Importance of Trusted UPC Barcodes in Shopify/ Walmart Partnership

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Walmart and Shopify just announced a partnership enabling small – medium size businesses access to the continually increasing traffic on In the last quarter, US eCommerce business grew 74% and this new initiative opens access to over 1 million Shopify sellers to get in front of 120 million monthly users on

The Walmart online marketplace is built for growing businesses with marketplace-selling experience and now Walmart customers will now have access to a more expansive assortment of products. Shopify’s platform is built on the premise to enable their seller to grow their business through trusted channels. This initiative enables Walmart to directly compete with Amazon for third-party SMBs.

This new integration will allow certified Shopify sellers to seamlessly list their items on once eligibility their is approved. A critical requirement of Walmart is brand licensed GTINs (UPCs) and proper case GTIN-14 hierarchy. This may be problematic for many Shopify sellers who were not previously required to comply to GS1 standards.

Shopify does not currently have explicit GTIN requirements which are in harmony with the GS1 standards. Consequently, some sellers are using shared Company Prefixes from discounted UPC online resellers OR in some cases just making up numbers. Unique and correct GTIN identification is crucial to Walmart and companies will not be able to gain access to marketplace until they resolve their product identification problems.

GS1 Barcode Support is available for Shopify sellers who need to either obtain GS1 UPC barcodes or currently have a brand licensed GS1 Company Prefix but need help assigning UPCs and structuring GTIN-14s.   GS1 SupportGS1 Barcode Service/Support clients have an assigned personal consultant who not only assists with barcode creation but also helps manage accurate product data.

If you are an existing GS1 Barcode Service/Support client, please contact  your personal consultant for assistance so they can review your GTIN assignments. Companies who need to obtain a UPC Company Prefix and UPC barcodes can visit

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