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Major brands have been busy developing their SmartLabel programs, and recent updates from USDA regarding GMO/BioEngineered food marking have provided brands that were waiting with a clear path forward. Detailed product information from more than 36,000 products from over 826 brands are already online with more being added every day. To compete, companies in the CPG space need to include SmartLabel!

But to work, a SmartLabel QR Code needs to scan easily and correctly. This entirely new way of engaging directly with consumers adds a new wrinkle to the barcode quality process – for the first time consumers will be the ones scanning your barcode. Rightly so, they will expect the barcode to scan accurately the first time. A failed or incorrect scan leaves the consumer without the information they were looking for, or worse brings them to the wrong product data. It would truly be better to have no SmartLabel barcode than a bad one.

SmartLabel no scan

Take a lesson from the coupon industry – coupons rely on a similar engagement with consumers. The consumer needs to clip or print the coupon and if that coupon does not scan when they bring it to the register, consciously or subconsciously that is a negative interaction with the brand. It’s no surprise then that many of the largest CPG companies test all of their coupons with Bar Code Graphics.

Remember that once the product leaves your hands there is no way to fix a bad barcode. A bad barcode means thousands and thousands of dissatisfied consumers. Like quality assurance for your product or proofreading ad copy, SmartLabel barcode validation is a critical aspect of your brand integrity. Catch and correct problems before they make it to the consumers hands.

QR fail

To assist, we are happy to offer two new testing packages designed specifically for SmartLabel:
SmartLabel Digital – review of digital proof to confirm proper formatting:

  • Proper QR Code and data formatting
  • URL functionality
  • Layout conformance with SmartLabel Guidelines

SmartLabel Complete – review of preprint digital proof and follow up review of physical printed sample to confirm:

  • Proper QR Code and data formatting
  • URL functionality
  • Layout conformance with SmartLabel Guidelines
  • QR Code sizing
  • QR Code print quality
  • Barcode is formatted correctly
  • Barcode is generated within the permissible size range
  • Acceptable media is being utilized
  • Minimum ISO/ANSI Barcode Print Grade
  • Alignment with relevant barcode standards

  • QR verification pass

    Ensure that your barcode is functioning as intended and allowing consumers to access your brand data online by testing your SmartLabel QR Codes with Bar Code Graphics. Don’t let your company’s efforts go to waste, and don’t tarnish your brand with bad on-pack barcodes.

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