The Significance of GS1 Certification

Barcode Verification Equipment – The Significance of GS1 Certification As a specialized barcode certification lab, we are dependent on reliable barcode verification  equipment, which can provide standardized and repeatable analysis. Our expertise and testing processes would be meaningless if we used testing equipment which could not be measured against a global standard.  Consequently, our barcode […]

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Label Compliance for Logistics Cartons

At this time every year, the volume of GS1-128 shipping label compliance infractions significantly increase. The larger retailers’ supply chains are dependent on automated receiving processes, which require suppliers to be in 100% compliance with their carton label requirements. The most effective way to reduce and/or eliminate offset expenses is to focus on improving performance. […]

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FDA launches UDI Database

AccessGUDID ( is now publicly available so anyone can search and download information that device labelers have submitted to the FDA’s GUDID about their medical devices. Because the UDI system is being phased in over the next several years, labelers are currently submitting data on only the highest risk medical devices, a small subset of […]

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